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Pixelcone was founded in 2009 by Michael John Laniba. Since then, our team has expanded from web development to gaming development. Our team includes Full Stack Senior Developers and QA Manager experts. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer such a broad range of services that we typically become a true technology partner with our clients. With Pixelcone, you’ll have one vendor that can do it all!
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Our Team Expertise


Full Stack Developer Team

Our team are proficient in working across multiple stacks. We are a holistic team which can handle all the work from databases, servers, framework and any other web platforms.

Modern Technologies

Our team have a wide range of expertise. We guide our customers on the right technology for their project, rather than forcing something that might not be the right fit just because it’s our area of expertise.

Complex Solutions

Our team are polished and detail-oriented in every aspect of web development. We primarily spend our days integrating with and building complex systems for the CMS and other web frameworks. We used latest web platforms and a wide variety of third-party API’s for your website or web application.


Web Design

Our Design ensures we meet your expectations and user experience fit the entire customer journey.

Ecommerce Solutions

We build your site on the world’s most powerful eCommerce platform. Features include:  search engine optimization, product management, mobile commerce, order management, customer service, shopping cart, and web design.


We offer multi-platform hosting and email solutions to ensure minimal downtime and a successful web presence.

Game Development

Our Game Development uses Unity – a cross-platform real-time engine. This engine can be used to create both three-dimensional and two-dimensional games as well as simulations for its many platforms.


We turn our designs into something that works across all platform, device, or channel and begin to sprinkle some code to power everything.


We provide you with the means to harness the web’s ever-increasing capabilities through applications that are visually compelling and interactive.




PixelNews7 is a news/blog website featuring trending news and lifestyle hacks. It is build on WordPress with some features mobile optimization, post or pages management, users and subscription management and disqus integration.


PixelShop is an eCommerce website.  It uses WordPress, woo-commerce with some notable features woo commerce, Paypal integration and other modes of payment, mobile optimization, slider revolution and my account order management.

Paddle Australia

Paddle Australia is the governing body for the sport of canoeing and kayaking in Australia. This is an online membership for Paddle Sports enthusiast. The online membership system includes payment process using Ezidebit and data capture for membership and event registration processes. For this project, we are in a continues support and development for new functions and features. (Active: 2009 – present)

Rowing Canada Aviron

Rowing Canada Aviron is the national governing body for the sport of rowing in Canada. This is an online membership system where we capture data from athlete rowing sport membership and event registration. For this project, we are in a continues support for bugs and development for new functions and features. (Active: 2013 – present)


Full Stack Web Developer. Owner. Team Lead

12 years full stack web developer. My expertise is on LEMP (linux nginx mariadb php): symfony 4, laravel, cakephp. Knowledgeable on Node.js: Express.js, NestJS, Sails.js
latest java framework: light-4j and Act.Framework ASP.net Core, C#, UNITY 3d

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First Contact

We know that success begins with listening. Firstly, we really get to know the concept. This means talking to you, asking you difficult questions and throwing out some ideas along the way.

Discussion & Planning

Together we turn the brief into a story that allows us to get started on how the users will interact on the site. This stage includes creating a site map and a set of user journeys to support the next part of the process.
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Final Strategy

We try to make sure everything we design will scale down well to smaller screens like your tablet and phone. We’ll make a plan about how your design responds to different screen sizes. Once you are happy we can get into action and you can expect your website is delivered to you in a timely and professional manner.


Making it all work. This is where we check with browsers to ensure the site looks good across the board. In terms of testing we make sure to crush any bugs that may be lurking as we go – rather than waiting till the end of a project.

We’ll also make sure that the site automatically knows what sort of device you’re using and adjusts itself accordingly, to save you and your users from zooming in and out to see all your content.


After thoroughly testing on a development server, we take it live! Our relationship doesn’t end there. We stay connected. We want to see your success grow and build for years to come.



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